My name is Trudy. Starry-eyed I arrived in New York, from the German speaking part of Switzerland, on June 18, 1965, understanding a little English. From England I travelled on a massive ocean liner, my home for the longest days of my young life, surrounded by water; alone, all by myself. Each moment of the voyage taking me farther away from the only home I knew, growing up in a modest village, where even dreaming had its limits, in an old house, above my parents' salon, never knowing of Switzerland's admired beauty worldwide. For hours I gazed at the brilliant, glittering sea, like dancing diamonds; endless time to wonder and doubt that dream of Coming to America . . . a life un-known. Fear a constant companion. I was 23.
I am a successful, award-winning hair designer. I write in my second language, in awe of the power of words. Published in 6 Goose River Press Anthologies, 2 poetry books, as well as in Living Springs Publishing, Stories Through the Ages, 2019. My first poem in 2008 won 1st Prize and 250 dollars.
"One does not choose the time to write . . . it chooses you."
I live in Scottsdale Arizona with my husband of 50 years, Golden Anniversary June 8, 2022 (8 is my lucky number)

Other Works

  • Some Things Are Simply Meant to Be

    not yet 2020?