I have always enjoyed telling stories. Even when I’m writing non-fiction, I like to get into the heads of the characters and describe the action as they saw it or might have seen it happen. My writing style tries to brush away the fog on what it’s like personally and institutionally to be involved in special missions and intelligence operations. My current theme is a series of fictional stories called The Snake Eater Chronicles that follow the evolution of Special Forces and special operations after Vietnam through the Cold War. It is about the emergence of terrorism in Europe as it affected the United States (the Munich Olympics, Iran, etc) and the men and women who had the task of dealing with it.
Thirty-five years of experience in army special operations and intelligence gave me a lot of writing inspiration. I have written three well-received, nonfiction military history books and numerous nonfiction articles. Along the way, I realized that many of the stories I wanted to tell would never be approved for publication by the US Government. So, I decided to modify the tales and tell them as fiction — authentic fiction. The Snake Eater Chronicles is the result.

Other Works

  • Special Forces Berlin: Clandestine Cold War Operations of America's Elite, 1956-1990