Cassandra Jefferson, Hudson. was born. April 1960. She was raised partly on the near Northside of Chicago, Illinois. And Kankakee Illinois. By her mother.

She was born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Jo. A. Jefferson. Cassandra is the third oldest and second. Oldest girl. Of eleven children.

Cassandra is a wife, mother of three beautiful daughters, a grandmother, eight grandchildren, four grandsons, and four granddaughters.

A great-grandmother of five great-grandchildren, one great-grandson, and four great-granddaughters. and they all have my heart

Cassandra is a Writer, Poet. She first became an author in 2004, the first book entitled Liquid Dreams. She is also an inspiring songwriter, and Jingle writer, also children’s books.

She is a proud member of the Authors Guild, and ASCAP Cassandra is now a Publisher, CEO, and owner of her own Publishing Company. Jamz House Publishing Inc. It was founded in 2008, reinstated in 2021

She will be only publishing her works as she continues to learn the business. One of her biggest dreams is to become a novelist and a playwright.

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