KEN DELMAR, Author, producer, director, fine artist, veteran, sailor, kayaker, and seasonal pool boy; was the founder and head of Delmar Productions, a successful film/video production company from 1970 till 2000. He grew up in Manhattan and Los Angeles, attended Allen Stevenson (NYC), Trinity School (NYC), Middlebury College (BA '63), and Columbia University for grad school. He is or was a member of the Authors Guild, Dramatists Guild, Screen Actors Guild, and Stamford Yacht Club.
In 1969, after serving two years overseas in the Army during the Vietnam War, he returned to the USA with a pregnant wife and $137. He started Delmar Productions in a Stamford, Connecticut barn he shared with a family of raccoons, a pair of possums and a flock of swallows. Within five years, he had offices in the Time & Life Building in Rockefeller Center, a home of his own on the Connecticut shore with a beach, a new Mercedes, a twenty-eight-foot sloop, membership in a yacht club, and an income in six figures when that meant something.

He wrote "Winning Moves," (Warner Books, 1985), which was translated into five languages and generated two videos and seven audio programs. He is the author of the 2020 books "No Fall Zone, Fall Prevention and How To Fall If You Do," and "Shafted, Cautionary Tales in Business," and "Pandora Solution, The Race To Create An Antidote To A Terrorist WMD Virus." His next book, poised to be published, is “Anne Ascending” about a brilliant orphan girl who brings down a Master of The Universe. In the works is the "Sugar Shack Mystery," about the foiling of a would-be serial killer. Yes, Ken has been very hard at work
Ken lives with his patient wife, Ulli, on Shippan Point, Stamford, CT.
For more information: kendelmarauthor.com

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