A writer of sorts
After topping up my Psychology and Literature degrees with a post-graduate qualification in Marketing and Communications I paid my dues in advertising as a copywriter and creative director. While working for the top three creative agencies and winning some local and international awards for creativity, I met my husband and business partner, and we co-founded our own agency, which has grown into a reputable communications agencies in the region.

4 AM author
I wake up with the birds at about 4 AM every day, sometimes earlier in the Summer months to work on my first love -- writing fiction. My first book has taken nearly five years to write and thankfully I'm in the final stretch of edits with my amazing editor.

Soon to be published
FOUND AND LOST (Book one of THE GREAT WAY series) is the story of a young Asian-American girl, Lucy Lewis. Lucy, the daughter of a billionaire, was separated from her parents at the time of the devastating earthquake in China. At just 19 months old, she was found by a renowned Buddhist monk who was meditating in a cave in the Himalaya. Lucy and the monk, who she calls "Father" live as renunciates for more than a decade. Lucy becomes an enlightened Bodhisattva and learns many Siddhis (powers). FOUND AND LOST is the start of many riveting and thought-provoking adventures as Lucy embarks on her journey as a bodhisattva whose destiny it is to right the wrongs of the world and ease the suffering of many.

Other Works