While I am a first-time author of children’s books without an agent at this time, I am hoping that the Children's Book Publishing industry will give my work their consideration. After a career as an Aerospace Manager, I am finally free in retirement to devote my time and passion to creatively entertaining children, like my granddaughter, with books that entertain while leaving good life lessons.

My works, "The Calico Bear Adventures," involve an initial series of 16 individual children's picture book manuscripts which follow a little girl’s vivid imagination where everyday life situations take on a magical and delightful life of their own through her interaction with her favorite plucky, curious, and creative little stuffed bear. Each story’s plot is unique with an underlying non-preachy theme throughout which values friendship and trust which bonds the two together through her imagination.

I am looking for publishing interest which will help establish a platform to enhance my social media footprint beyond my many contacts across the country to help market my books in any way needed. There are many highly successful Children's Fictional Series authors to emulate, where the authors come from a broad spectrum of backgrounds. I hope that maybe my talents can also be successful in children’s book writing. If interested, I hope you contact me at wlcobbs@aol.com to request a copy of my material for publishing consideration, and enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them.

Other Works