Dimary Hernández is a Puerto Rican fantasy, fiction, and screenplay writer, she has also written Non-Fiction short stories for the fun of it. Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Hernández belonged to a single-parent family, she has always been an avid reader and has been writing stories since her teenage years but being raised in a culture where writing is not considered a profession, she never thought seriously about pursuing a career as a writer. But after more than a decade of working at a dead-end job, she decided to go back to college to finally pursue her BA of Arts in English with a major in Creative Writing which she completed in 2022.

Besides being a member of the Author’s Guild Organization. Hernández has been a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) since 2015, she's also a member of the International English Honor Society, best-known as Sigma Tau Delta. Hernández uses her Stage 32 profile to work as a ghostwriter for challenged clients and provides script reading services.

At the moment, Dimary has a published short story titled PENELOPE on Amazon Kindle. Her WIPs include a fantasy novel called SERAPH, and two action feature screenplays in progress named GREY AREA and AMAYA. She's currently working on a memoir of her personal experience after Hurricane Maria's devastating effects on her home island, Puerto Rico. Her works tend to be character-driven and her writing generally contains social awareness and women empowerment.

Dimary Hernández began writing short stories and scripts for the love of writing. Gradually she started to get involved in screenwriting and quickly fell in love with the industry, spending her time generating creative ideas and working hard to develop her narrative skills. Get in touch for more information or if you are interested in collaborating on a project.

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