Leeanne Seaver, MA, is a writer/ghostwriter and developmental editor whose 20+ year background in broadcasting adds marketing/audience-savvy to her literary foundation. She holds a Master’s in Mass Communication from the University of Denver, Denver, Colorado, and a Bachelor’s in English from Graceland University in Iowa, and has attended the Iowa Writer’s Workshop (2011 & 2012). Her feature work has appeared in ‘Zine, newspaper, and magazines including Mother Earth News, Reader’s Digest, and The Communicator.

• Proud But Never Satisfied: Ten Transformative Actions for Healthcare. by Bob Page & Tammy Peterman with Leeanne Seaver (Huron Publishing, January 2021)

• Create Amazing: Turning Your Employees into Owners for Explosive Growth. by Greg Graves, Leeanne Seaver, co-author. (BenBella Publishing, a Division of Sam Holt. April 2021)

• Becoming Marjorie: The Life & Legacy of Marjorie Powell Allen (Seaver; Walsworth, September 2017)

• Educational Advocacy for Students Who Area Deaf or Hard of Hearing (2013) and The Book of Choice: Support for Parenting a Child Who Is Deaf or Hard of Hearing (2010) (Seaver with Johnson, DesGeorges et al, Hands & Voices publications)

• Cura Integrative: Healing through Science & Spirit (for Dr. Jill Strom; Balboa, 2017)

• The Pulse of Hope (for William A. Reed; Walsworth, 2014)

• A Healthier Wei (for Dr. Julie Wei; JM Wei, 2012)

• Slings & Arrows: How Toxic Narratives Perpetuate Poverty in Indian Country by David W. Bland (NAP/Vellum, 2020)

• Truths in Verse (2020) and Poetic Theft by Charles Masner (C.M. Masner, 2015)

• Sport: The Dog of the Great Lakes by Pam Cameron (University of Wisconsin Press, 2013)

• I’ll See You Later by Cathie Higgins Weir (Higgins Weir, 2017)

Seaver is also a founder and Chair of the Global Coalition of Parents of Deaf/Hard of Hearing Children (www.GPODHH.org) and US-based Hands & Voices (www.handsandvoices.org) where she served as its first Executive Director from 1997 to 2011. Her oldest son Dane’s deafness propelled her into roles of advocacy and family support nationally and internationally. She speaks widely and writes a regular column on DHH issues and is editor/contributing author of as well as the writer/producer/director of numerous training videos about deafness. She is the co-winner of the 2009 Antonia Brancia Maxon Award for contributions to the field of EHDI in the US.

Leeanne is on the executive committee for the International Conference on Family Centred Early Intervention (www.fcei.at) and has consulted on deaf education in New Zealand, working on-site at the Kelston Deaf Education Centre for a semester in 2011. That same year, Hands & Voices created The Seaver Vision Award* in her honor which has been given annually to individuals working in this field who exemplify her vision of unbiased support to families. Currently, she sits on the boards of Hands & Voices, GPODHH, FCEI, and Bridge Multimedia NYC.

More information is available on her website www.seavercreative.com or check her out on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/leeanne-seaver-02346555/


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