I am an author and Professor of Anthropology who has published eight books and a book translation from Portuguese. All are anthropological works and with the exception of a reader in religion and a co-authored introductory textbook in cultural anthropology most are based upon ethnographic research I have carried out in the eastern region of Timor, an island sitting just off the north coast of Australia. When my wife, Maxine, and I first visited the region to carry out ethnographic fieldwork in 1966 it was a Portuguese colony called "Portuguese Timor." Today the former colony has become the independent nation-state of Timor-Leste (it's also known as "East Timor"). Since that long-ago time Maxine and I have traveled back and forth on many occasions between Timor-Leste and Stony Brook University, New York State, where I am Professor of Anthropology. Besides Timor-Leste my authorial interests are witchcraft, religion, and global health.

Other Works