Mikael Sahrling is a Principal Electronics Engineer working on developing high speed electrical interfaces for the Test&Measurement and communication industries. He has about 25 years of experience developing integrated circuits and many of the projects he has been a part of has brought in 10-100 millions of dollars in revenue. Mikael has worked for many of the leading analog chip companies like Semtech Corporation, Maxim Integrated, and Tektronix Inc. where he is the lead Analog Design Engineer. His special interest is in high speed active and passive design with a bandwidth of several tens of GigaHertz.

Mikael is the author of “Fast Techniques for Integrated Circuit Design” published by Cambridge University Press in August 2019, “Analog Circuit Simulators for Integrated Circuit Designers “ published by Springer International in March 2021 and “Layout Techniques for Integrated Circuit Designers “ to be published by Artech House in August 2022.

Mikael lives in Cupertino, CA with his wife and daughter.

Other Works

  • Analog Circuit Simulators for Integrated Circuit Designers

  • Fast Techniques for Integrated Circuit Design