Henry Kronk writes journalism, short fiction, and poetry. He also produces radio and podcasts. He is based in Burlington, VT, where he grew up. In 2015, he graduated from McGill University with an honors B.A. in English. He received the Peterson Memorial Prize for a selection of fiction and poetry.

Henry's creative work has appeared in The Wrath-Bearing Tree, Omega, Vallum: Contemporary Poetry, The Veg, and Ricky's Backyard. His first bylines were published when he worked as an intern reporter for the Burlington Free Press. He currently serves as managing editor of Corporate Compliance Insights. His journalism has also been published by Exclaim!, International DJ, Montreal Rampage, and LMS Pulse.

Henry produced Code Burst in 2018 through 2019. The show, which investigated a coding bootcamp that sought to retrain out-of-work coal miners for jobs in tech, aired on CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal and is currently available as a podcast.

Alongside Brooklyn-based DJ Disciple, he is currently working on a book about the former's career and house music.