Author, editor, and book designer William Armitage was an award-winning advertising copywriter and art director before turning to the publishing world. He was the developmental editor of the National Bestseller "Unblinded" by Traci Medford-Rosow and Kevin Coughlin and is the creator of the popular "Max the Flying Sausage Dog" children's books. He is the author of the well-received "I’m not sure about God" and the upcoming "Hymns I Want at My Funeral" as well as "CB the Croissant Bird" and "CB and the Cat Who Came to Stay."
He runs WordsintheWorks.com—a publishing service that bridges the gap between traditional publishers and self-publishing—helping new and established authors enjoy all the benefits of the self-publishing process without having to learn it themselves.

"To my developmental editor (William Armitage) who always knows what the story is even before I know it myself. You are indeed my Max Perkins—Editor of Genius."
—Traci Medford-Rosow, Author of National Bestseller, “Unblinded”

William Armitage—my editor, who appeared in my life at the right moment, to give order to my words, aligning events to give rhythm to my story and make what had been only a dream come to print. The synchronicity of it all! Thank you for your understanding, your wisdom and experience and your ever-calm demeanor to show and guide me through the process.
—Anne Winthrop Cordin, “Into the Light”