I never imagined myself becoming an author. A child of the 60s, drummer/percussionist, BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and MEd in Counseling from Antioch New England, I worked with abused and neglected youth as a family therapist and Executive Director of a small non-profit providing residential and community services for pregnant and parenting teens for 30 years.
Certainly there was a lot of writing involved in my work, psychological assessments, family histories, grant writing and many forms of reports, but nothing published. In the early 90s I began taking classes at the Tracker School run by Tom Brown. In the 27 years I've studied with Tom, my role has evolved from student to helper to elder and part-time instructor in certain classes, leading to the incredible opportunity to co-author with Tom: Tom Browns Guide to Healing the Earth, published by Penguin Random House. Tom and I have recently begun work on his next book, yet to be named.

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