An avid lover of fiction, Denise Tracy has enjoyed writing for years for personal enrichment. Her aspirations were fulfilled with the recent completion of her first fiction novel, a mystery-thriller entitled Undermined: Terror on the East Coast. Inspired by contemporary world events, this story challenges readers to look beyond facades to a hidden agenda that threatens to undermine all that Americans hold dear. The manuscript is currently being edited by a talented professional editor and is expected to be completed by January 2020. A suspenseful plot for a trilogy has been developed and the second novel in the series is underway.

Growing up in Los Angeles exposed Denise to the Hollywood film industry at a young age, where she fell in love with stories and the big screen. Much of her career was spent in various roles in the entertainment industry before a relocation to the Midwest. After earning a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree from Xavier University, the emerging writer debuted her communication skills as Public Relations Coordinator for the Sudden Infant Death (SID) Network of Ohio. Along with creating press releases for local media, she authored articles and informational pieces, including a piece that landed the front page of the SID Network of Ohio Newsletter, Encouragements, which has state-wide distribution. Her accomplishments led to an offer as a contributing writer at Hyde Park Living, a Community Publications, Inc. magazine. She enjoyed interfacing with the Hyde Park community in Ohio and sharing their stories with readers, one of which was featured as the cover story in December 2007.

Denise resides in the Midwest and travels frequently to the west coast to visit family and friends. She enjoys practicing yoga, exercising, reading, watching movies, visiting museums, and attending theater and concerts. Contributing to humanity is among her core values. She has volunteered for Walk to Defeat ALSĀ® and Hands Against Hunger, which provides food for starving or undernourished children.

Denise is a member of the Authors Guild and American Writers and Artists, Inc. (AWAI).

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