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Awards and Recognition

  • Global Achievement Award in Information Technology given by the University of the Philippines Alumni Engineers to Elzar Simon in November 2019. “For his invaluable expertise and contribution to business, academe and the arts, in the field of information technology and financial management and as a songwriter and music producer. Given this 16th day of November 2019 at the UP Ang Bahay ng Alumni, U.P. Diliman, Quezon City. Signed: Ferdinand G. Manegdeg (Dean of Engineering) and Carlos Antonio M. Berba (President, UPAE).”
  • Distinguished Alumnus in Information Technology given by the University of the Philippines Industrial Engineering Alumni Association to Elzar Simon in October 2019. “The UPIEAA bestows the 2019 Distinguished Alumnus in Information Technology Award to Elzar Dodjie L. Simon for his achievements in the IT field spanning over 30 years where, as a strategic and hands-on leader, he directed large and complex programs and projects, headed teams that supported 24x7 global business operations in multiple industries such as Higher Education, Finance, Logistics/Shipping, Healthcare, Government, and IT. His work in the design and implementation of IT strategies, systems and procedures, production planning, project management, and queueing systems, among others, resulted in multimillion-dollar cost savings, enhanced service quality and consistency, as well as improved efficiencies.”
  • Commendation from Secretary of the US Department of Veterans Affairs given to Elzar Simon in November 1997. “ Department of Veterans Affairs Commendation presented to Elsar Dodjie Simon in recognition of your support and participation in the Veterans Benefits Administration during implementation of the VA's first fully integrated Departmentwide Financial Management Systems, FMS. Washington, DC November 1997 (Signed) Hershel W. Gober, Acting Secretary”



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