Heribert von Feilitzsch grew up in Germany, only yards from the East German border, the "Iron Curtain." In 1988 he came to the United States as a student. Fascinated with the Mexican-American border, he pursued a Masters Degree in Latin-American History with focus on Mexican-German-American relations at the University of Arizona. The Mexican-American border, devoid of self-shooting machines and mine fields, still constitutes a barrier that divides two cultures, two distinct national identities, and creates a complicated economic and political framework worth studying. While pursuing a business career in later years and adding an MBA from Wake Forest University, he remained committed to writing about the Mexican-American border. After twenty years of painstaking original research in the U.S., Mexico, and Germany, von Feilitzsch authored four books on the German naval intelligence agent Felix A. Sommerfeld and the German secret service in the United States between 1914 and 1917. He lives on a farm in Northern Virginia with his wife and children.

Other Works

  • The Negotiator's Toolbox: Winning Strategies for Corporate Buyers and Small Businesses

  • Felix A. Sommerfeld y el Frente Mexicano en la Gran Guerra

  • Felix A. Sommerfeld, Maestro de Espias en Mexico, 1908 a 1914

  • The Secret War on the United States in 1915: A Tale of Sabotage, Labor Unrest and Border Troubles

  • Felix A. Sommerfeld and the Mexican Front in the Great War

  • In Plain Sight: Felix A. Sommerfeld, Spymaster in Mexico, 1908 to 1914


Awards and Recognition

  • Independent Publisher's Award, Silver