Craig A. Leisy is a new author. His most recent books are: "Modern Weights and Measures Regulation in the United States: A Brief History" (2022) and "Transportation Network Companies and Taxis: The Cases of Seattle" (2019). Both were published by Routledge. His previous six books were self-published as print-on-demand and are a mix of fiction (poetry, literary essays, theatrical play) and non-fiction (biography, history, history of philosophy). All the books are available online. Craig retired in 2017 and moved to Fort Collins, CO where he intends to pursue writing as a third career. His first career (1972-1995) was as a U. S. Coast Guard officer with a specialty in commercial vessel safety. He was assigned to duty at diverse locations including a seagoing buoy tender in Homer, AK; a Loran A Station on Enewetak Atoll in the Marshall Islands; a Marine Inspection Detachment in Morgan City, LA and as an assistant professor in the Department of Economic and Management at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT. His second career (1996-2017) was as the Manager of the Consumer Protection Unit for the City of Seattle where he was responsible for regulating taxicabs, flat-rate for-hire vehicles, limousines, transportation network companies (Uber, Lyft), tow companies and weights and measures. After retiring from the City of Seattle, Craig wrote his first books released by a traditional publisher. Craig is married and has two adult children. He spends times reading, playing racquetball and goofing off when he isn't writing.