Shaweta “Shay” Vasudeva, Doctor of Acupuncture (Pending 2024), MA (Pyschology), MS (Kinesiology), NFPT-CPT, NASM-CPT-CES, THSA-CNT, and Black Belt Karate Instructor is an author, teaching professional, speaker, coach, and cat lover! Her passion is to help people become the best version of themselves by using an interdisciplinary and holistic approach, bringing 10+ years of experience in Psychology, Personal Fitness Training, Corrective Exercise, Nutritional Coaching, Cranial Sacral Work and teaching Karate & Tai Chi classes to her business, ShayTheCoach.

Shay teaches classes at Maricopa Community College District as an Adjunct Professor. Her published works are academic in nature, as she has the knack for simplifying heady topics through the written and spoken word.

Shay’s writing has been published in peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles, she has developed course curricula at the college level in Kinesiology and Psychology, and is a resident author for the National Federation of Personal Trainer’s (NFPT) Blog. Her most recently completed project was writing and co-developing Psychology and Culture, a three-credit academic course that she now teaches. For more information and samples of her written work please visit her webpage: www.shaythecoachwriting.com

Other Works

  • Psychology and Culture

  • Ketogenics: Beneficial impacts on obesity and metabolic syndrome and implementation in clinical practice and biopsychosocial considerations, EC Nutrition

  • National Federation of Personal Trainers Blog Author, https://www.nfpt.com/blog/author/svasudeva

  • Nutritional Supplementation and Nutraceuticals as Used in the Treatment of Osteoarthritis and their Ability to Alter Mechanical Properties of Cartilage, EC Nutrition

  • The Mind-Body Connection: Its Impacts on Obesity, International Journal of Diabetes

  • The Mind-Body Connection: Its Impacts on Obesity, Journal of Obesity & Weight Loss Therapy


Awards and Recognition

  • Personal Fitness Professional Magazine's Fitness Professional of the Month, September 2018, https://fit-pro.com/article-4358-Raising-the-Bar-Shay-Vasudeva.html
  • Voyage Phoenix's Most Inspiring Stories March 2018, http://voyagephoenix.com/interview/meet-shaweta-shay-vasudeva-shaythecoach-ahwatukee/
  • National Fitness Hall of Fame Spokesperson and Top Fitness Professionals in America, Jan 2018-Present, http://www.nationalfitnessmuseum.com/professionalmembers2019.html