Former Editor-in-Chief of several award-winning national health/lifestyle magazines—Fitness, Golf Digest Woman, and Longevity Magazine (a health/lifestyle magazine with an anti-aging focus).

Coauthor of The World of American Business (Harper & Row) and contributor to
Woman in the Year 2000 (Arbor House).

Articles published in numerous magazines, newspapers and websites, including
Ladies Home Journal, Vegetarian Times, NY Times Sunday Magazine, beliefnet.com,
NYCitywoman.com, HuffingtonPost.com, NextAvenue.com, Life Extension, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek.

I am particularly interested in helping nonprofits and entrepreneurial companies. I create, develop and position content to strengthen brand identity, broaden media (and donor) outreach, and deliver client messages quickly and effectively to the media. 
I also work on events/promotion, from recruiting celebrities to producing run-of-show scripts.