My expertise as a published textbook author is in the history of sports with particular expertise in the ancient and modern Olympic Games, sports in Antiquity e.g. Greece and Rome, and the general history of sports (football, baseball, basketball) and physical education / fitness in the United States.
The political and social issues and associated turmoil (doping, bribes, voting scandals, Russian doping program) that has impacted the Olympic Games is of particular interest to me.
McGraw-Hill Higher Education (MHHE) has published my textbook A History and Philosophy of Sport and Physical Education - From Ancient Civilizations to the Modern World which is in its 8th edition. It is the #1 published textbook of its kind in the world.

It has been my good fortune to work archaeological teams in Greece and Turkey excavating ancient Greek and Roman athletic venues as well as developing a viable working relationship with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Olympic Academy (IOA).

Because of the nature of my research, I have written about important men, women, social movements and organizations who have significantly impacted the course of sport history.

Although I have 25+ years of experience publishing non-fiction, I also enjoy writing non fiction stories that focus on the struggle, drama, defeat, and inspiration that athletes, coaches, teams, fans, and parents have experienced.

Other Works