I am LaShonda C. Henderson a native of Alabama residing in the Washington DC metro area, laying my roots down in Maryland. I began my formal writing in College; it happened because while many cultures had stories about their growth, myths, and facts, I found stories from my community, the real world where I resided, lacking from the Sociology textbooks, story books and research articles. We needed a voice, and I thought, "Why can't it be me?"

I began by blogging on Facebook, you can find me at "LaShonda Writes on Love". Through that platform, I met people/readers from around the world; and they could relate to my poetry pieces. Those little segments encouraged me to shift my focus to short stories and novels. New to the storytelling experience, I used my own reader preferences, as a sounding board. Love was my focus in the poetry, and it continued to be my focus in the stories; through my personal trials in love, where I learned more about love after it was over, I created lessons for both personal growth and coping. I learned, life must be experienced, expressed, and then communicated for growth to occur.

The mission of my writing is to; "Educate, identify and expand on the blueprint that life teaches about love. I tell stories, in a sometimes-absurd manner; so, the reader can draw their own conclusions, then question and compare the action of the characters against their own experiences."

Other Works