Mylo Carbia is a #1 bestselling author and Hollywood screenwriter widely known for her work in the horror-thriller genre and trademark of surprise twist endings. Ranked “Greatest Horror Writers of All Time" by Ranker.com, "The Top 10 Horror Writers Alive Today" by Booklaunch, and "The Most Influential Authors" by Richtopia.com, her award-winning writing style has been described as "a perfect mix between Stephen King, M. Night Shyamalan and Quentin Tarantino, but infused with a signature female sharpness that is all her own."

Born in Jackson, New Jersey, Carbia famously spent her childhood years writing to escape the terrors of growing up in a severely haunted house. By the age of 17, Carbia was already well established as a prolific young playwright. By the age of 30, her very first screenplay was optioned only 28 days after completion, earning Carbia a three-picture-deal and the cover of Hollywood Scriptwriter in 2003.

After that time, Carbia moved to Manhattan and quietly penned numerous television and film projects under her production company, Zohar Films. While she was there, she earned the nickname "The Queen of Horror" and the reputation of being one of Hollywood's top film ghostwriters in the horror genre.

In 2015, Carbia left Hollywood to release a series of novels all featuring strong female protagonists. Her debut novel THE RAPING OF AVA DESANTIS—a story about a woman who waits 15 years to seek revenge against the families of three wealthy fraternity boys who assaulted her in college—hit #1 bestseller in four categories and won five awards including the prestigious 2016 Silver Falchion Award for Outstanding Achievement in Fiction.

Her second novel, VIOLETS ARE RED—A horror-thriller about an aging Manhattan housewife who captures her husband's young mistress and quietly keeps her prisoner in the basement—was called the best story of 2019 by PopHorror.com, hit #1 New Release and #1 in American Horror on Amazon, and continues to receive critical acclaim from readers and critics alike.

Carbia’s highly anticipated, science-fiction horror-thriller Z.O.O.—the story of a young girl with albinism who is abducted by aliens in pure daylight, only to discover they are creating a zoo of Earth—is scheduled for worldwide release on October 25, 2022.

Other Works

  • Z.O.O.



Awards and Recognition

  • Ranked "Greatest Horror Authors of All Time" by Ranker.com
  • Ranked "Top 10 Horror Authors Alive Today" by Booklaunch
  • Ranked "Most Influential Authors" by Richtopia.com
  • Ranked "25 Best Novels of All Time" by Oprah Book Reviews
  • Silver Falchion Award for Outstanding Achievement in Fiction
  • Winner of "Best Thriller of the Year" Top10Novels.com
  • Winner of "Best Horror-Thriller of the Year" Great-Novels.com