L. S. Blackwell began her writing career creating content in the marketing world, however, with her love for literature, she was always creating more than content and over the years, produced a growing collection of her own short stories.

Married to a stuntman and living in Los Angeles, her writing took on a new twist when she saw a need in the stunt community and approached a monthly magazine for her own column. She was awarded the column and titled it, In Stunt Company, to give spotlight to the unsung heroes of Hollywood, featuring interviews, stories, and action shots of this glamorous but dangerous work.

On a visit to the culture-rich environment of the South, she stood on a veranda overlooking the grand magnolias and knew it was time to write her debut novel. With this southern backdrop, her west coast lifestyle, and a love for thrillers, L. S. Blackwell presents her compelling debut novel, 'Gramble Street'.

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