From a perspective of within, Chere Hughes expresses motivations of the human spirit.

Speculative fiction set predominantly in urban environments, Chere spins tales of city life, women as friends and know thyself - ever the alchemist. Chere also renders young female protagonists with agency in her middle grade fantasy tales.

As the stage for a journey within, her fiction draws from esoterics, magicks, and fringe science. Chere’s work speaks to the potential inside oneself and how that communes with the whole, her work strong in sense of place.

Chere taught English, art and funeral service education at Vincennes University Vincennes, IN. Earlier, before earning her BFA at ASU she served as a mortician in northern California. At ASU she studied under Mark Klett and Stephen (Marc) Smith. Chere was awarded ‘best of show’ Senior exhibition. She earned her MEd curriculum and development at UNLV and attended the MFA in creative writing program at WV Wesleyan College.

Additionally, Chere works in 19th c. (alternative) photographic processes and draws using charcoal and vibrant pastels revealing figurescapes surrounded with structure, atmosphere and symbolism, her emotionally engaging works in dialogue her writing.

Chere’s work has been seen in numerous national exhibitions and publications as well as in public and private collections. She is a member of the Author’s Guild, WFWA, SCBWI, VFA and Freelancers Union.