How did I get started as a writer?

It isn't some magical moment or literary genius that bonked me on the head. Nope, it's quite a bit more mundane than that. I started reading this genre called LitRPG (Gamelit is the parent genre), which basically combines MMORPG with Science Fiction & Fantasy. Cool, right?

Yep, I thought it was too. Basically, I started by joining a ton of groups, mailing lists, and Discord servers talking to readers, authors, and professionals in the industry. It got to the point where I'd continually bounce ideas around until one day I realized that I had more than enough ideas to create my own world and characters.

Then I just buckled down, picked up a copy of Scrivener and went to work. The rest is probably boring to most of you, but that's the gist of it and here we are!

By day I am a cyber security analyst and father of two beautiful girls and a little boy on the way! My wife and I are excited/anxious to have a boy in the family and looking forward to new adventures.

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