Peter Canning has been a full-time paramedic in the Greater Hartford area since January of 1995. His first book Paramedic: On the Front Lines of Medicine (Ballantine: 1997) details his journey from speechwriter for the Governor of Connecticut to caregiver on the city streets. Rescue 471: A Paramedic's Stories (Ballantine: 2000) is the sequel.

He is the author of two EMS novels, Mortal Men (2012) and Diamond in the Rough (2016).

He is currently at work on an EMS thriller, Dead Man, and a nonfiction book about the heroin epidemic, Killing Season: A Paramedic's Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Opioid Epidemic.

A graduate of the Iowa Writer's Workshop, Canning attended the Phillips Exeter Academy and the University of Virgina. He has worked many jobs in his life: tennis instructor, aide to United States Senator, taxi driver, meatpacker, line cook, telephone solicitor, book and movie reviewer, factory worker, health department administrator, speechwriter and political campaign director before finding his place in life as a paramedic. In addition to being a field paramedic, he is the EMS Coordinator at John Dempsey Hospital, in Farmington, Connecticut.

Since 2006, Peter has been the author of the influential EMS blog: Street Watch: Notes of a Paramedic.

Canning lives in West Hartford, Connecticut with his wife, Chevaughn, and their three children.

Other Works

  • Diamond in the Rough

  • Rescue 471: A Paramedic's Stories

  • Paramedic: On the Front Lines of Medicine