Sid Gustafson is a novelist, bloodstock agent, and journalist. He practices veterinary medicine in Montana. Dr Gustafson graduated from Washington State University with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree to specialize in equine sports medicine. His subsequent concern for the mental and physical health challenges that stabling and confinement created for horses led him to the study and practice of equine behaviour.
His short stories and animal behaviour articles are widely published
Sid writes for the New York Times, represents the health and welfare of racehorses across America, and is the author of HORSES THEY RODE (Riverbend Publishing), High Plains Novel of the Year in 2007. His most recent non-fiction is Horse Behaviour, The Nature of Horses. His debut novel, PRISONERS OF FLIGHT (The Permanent Press), was published in 2003. His latest novel is the widely acclaimed water manifesto SWIFT DAM.

Other Works

  • Horseracing in America

  • Canine Field Medicine

  • The Nature of Horses

  • Horses They Rode

  • Prisoners of Flight


Awards and Recognition

  • High Plains Novel of the Year, 2007