I am a writer, author, ghostwriter, publisher, and veteran of the United States Navy (a former Operations Specialist). And I’ve written a lot of nonfiction and fiction since 2008. As of this writing, over 2.5 million words worth (includes 36 books ghostwritten for clients: 14 nonfiction, 9 memoirs, and 13 fiction). Two books—ghostwriting projects for clients (creative nonfiction and a novel)—have been optioned for film or screenplay development. I’ve consulted on, and project managed six books (4 novels, 2 nonfiction) for clients, helping them develop their story and publish it. I’m also the founder and president of Adducent, Inc. A creative firm that provides writing, ghostwriting, writing improvement, story & book development, and publishing services. We assist people and organizations with their writing needs and find, develop, write, ghostwrite and publish stories and books that are entertaining, enlightening, informative, and enjoyable to read. Adducent works with clients internationally. Several clients have appeared on PBS NewsHour, 60 Minutes, and MSNBC (and other TV and radio shows nationally and in their local markets).