I have been a college professor at Curry College in Milton, Massachusetts since 1989. I am primarily a business management professor.

I was inspired to begin writing about a decade ago. I have a passion for leadership and wanted to write about leadership in an other than textbook format. Kenneth Strong, Jr., a healthcare consultant and administrator, teamed up with me and we wrote a book entitled, "Leadership Is A Choice" which we published in 2010. This is where I got my start in writing.

Leadership Is A Choice is not an ordinary book. It explains about leadership through the eyes of the characters Ken and I created in the book combining over 50 plus years of leadership experience from the academic on my end, to the corporate on his end. The book also contains lesson plans for each chapter.

Ken and I are going to write a sequel to Leadership Is A Choice over the next year and have started to meet on writing about the next decade of leadership commitment. We have also started producing podcasts entitled Leadership Is A Choice. Check out my website, johndicicco.com.

I am proud to be a member of the Authors Guild. I would also mention that I have written another book on Leadership entitled "The Leadership Gene". I believe that everyone has the ability to lead if given the right tools and are put in the right environment.

Finally, I have written three other books focusing on Alzheimer's a
nd other challenges, good and bad, we face in our humanity.

I earned my PhD in Higher Education and Professional Developmemt from Capella University and my undergraduate and graduate degrees from Lesley University in organizational behavior and management.

My goal is to continue to educate, write and conduct educational seminars on authentic leadership to corporations that want to develop the leaders of the present and future from all walks of life and interests.

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