I worked in Television Network Operations for decades. I have since retired. I now have the time I need to devote to writing more often and more seriously.
I have been writing all my life, for my own self-exploration, deep within myself. I have explored the "Bats in the Belfrys of the Windmills of my mind" for my own amusement. I have written some very funny as well as very sad stories. I have completed my first novel, "A Love To Die For."
I believe that I have been blessed with a restless mind and the ability to see through more than just my own eyes, a quality which is very helpful for a writer. I like to write myself into a corner, and then figure out how to write myself out of it. I like to explore the strengths and the weaknesses of my characters as well as their human foibles. I like to put them in stressful situations and see how they react, what they feel and what they do. I also like to see how those situations change them, how it changes the priorities in their lives. I also like my characters to face moral dilemmas, and see what choices they make. I like to see how the decisions they make affects their own lives and the lives of others.

I like to find the funny in the true. I believe that putting some funny things in my stories makes for a more enjoyable experience for the reader. As a writer, I strive to be artistic with my words and ideas arranged in sensible, maybe even beautifully orchestrated sentences. I believe that a writer is an artist, a painter with words. A blank page is his canvas. I am a writer with a passion for words and ideas and the talent to merge the two into a wonderful experience for the reader and the viewer. I don't want to just write great books, I want to write great literature.
I like to write Literary fiction, generally aimed at the Women's Market, but also in other genres as well, so as not to limit myself. I have written a number of short stories and I have completed my novel "A Love To Die For."

Other Works

  • Four Day Weekend

    Not yet Published
  • Vampire On Trial

    Not yet Published
  • A Love to Die For

    Not yet Published
  • To Catch A Thief

    May 2021

Awards and Recognition

  • My short story, "To Catch a Thief" was selected for inclusion in a collection of short stories titled, "Writers Of Tomorrow" which was published by Wingless Dreamer in May 2021.