I have been writing since i was ten years old. In high school, I sold my first short story, to Ingenue Magazine. After graduating from UCLA in international relations and French, I worked in reservation sales for TWA. (This was back in the days when married women were not allowed to have professional careers with the State Department.) I taught high school in Los Angeles and New York City, earned a Masters in Education from Occidental College, moved to Oregon and started a new career in urban planning. I lived in Washington DC, where I started a novel about the "Wise Use" movement and so-called Sage Brush Rebellion, eerily echoed after I moved back to Oregon by the armed insurrection at the Malheur Wildlife Sanctuary.

I have done a lot of freelance journalism, as a stringer for Coal Industry News and Oil Daily, with articles in other business magazines. I wrote and produced a quarterly newsletter about salmon recovery in Oregon and wrote brief articles as the marketing director of a small town on the Oregon Coast. Before returning to Oregon, I earned a Masters in Creative Writing from Vermont College.

Saving Big Creek is my first full-length book, a work of creative nonfiction about a battle between the local community and an out-of-state developer over the use of a large property that is habitat for elk, salmon, and an endangered butterfly. The battle went on for almost forty years while the developer tried to realize some gain from the property and the opponents tried to find money to buy him out. Although it's local history, it has deep meaning for everyone who struggles against overwhelming odds to keep our planet healthy for all species, a valuable lesson in persistence. Saving Big Creek will be published in mid-November, 2018. For more information, visit my website, bigcreek.com, or contact me at savingbigcreek@gmail.com.

I publish a blog about what i read, at https://andreasbookblog.wordpress.com/

Other Works