Gena Webb’s passion has always been writing, but through the years it took second place to her other endeavor—serving her country. Born in California, she enlisted in the Air Force a few years after high school graduation. Her first assignment was as a computer operator in Omaha, Nebraska. Eventually, she ended up in San Antonio, Texas, where she retired after serving more than 23 years. Eight months later, she got bored being a bum and went back to the Air Force where she served in a civilian capacity for another 19-plus years.

If Gena’s learned anything in her life, it's this: God is in control, He has a plan, and that plan includes only what is best for us. Although her books aren't "preachy" by any stretch of the imagination, she does tend to put that concept into her novels. Everyone could occasionally use a gentle reminder to live by faith, don't you think?

She currently lives in San Antonio with her wonderful, supportive husband of many years. Her children/stepchildren are scattered throughout the country, although their one daughter lives two houses away. This comes in handy when they want to travel, since she doesn't have to walk too far to feed their indoor kitty babies and the 4,000 stray cats that have taken up residence in the yard. That might be a slight exaggeration, but there are quite a few.

Gena Webb also writes under the pen name of Kay Wyont. Both of her series (The Misadventures of Miss Write and Alamo City Mystery) are set in San Antonio. They are liberally sprinkled with humor and the flavor of her adopted hometown. A percentage of all proceeds from her novels are donated to various charitable organizations. Visit her website at www.genawebb.com.

Other Works

  • One Strange Accident

  • Finding Miss Write

  • One Inner Voice