Rick Moskovitz is a Harvard educated psychiatrist who taught psychotherapy and spent nearly four decades listening to his patients tell their stories. After leaving practice, he in turn became a storyteller, writing science fiction that explores the psychological consequences of living in a world of expanding possibilities.

His Brink of Life Trilogy begins with the quest for immortality in the mid-21st century and concludes with a search for the origin of human life. In Shared Madness, he returned to his roots as a psychiatrist to write a first person tale of a psychiatrist who, while treating a psychotic patient, descends into madness and finds himself at the nexus of a deadly mystery.

Carousel Music explores his fascination with the subjective and malleable nature of memory and how our memories create the narrative of our identities.

Other Works

  • Shared Madness

  • Carousel Music - Revised Edition

  • Brink of Life: Book 2: Brink of Life Trilogy

  • The Creators: Book 3: Brink of Life Trilogy

  • Lost in the Mirror: an inside look at Borderline Personality Disorder