I grew up in a tiny Ohio town, attended a Lutheran grade school, and have a small-town attitude. After college, marriage, and four children, I began to write the first two books in my Lisenka series: "RED as in Russia and Measles and Love" and "GREEN as in Springtime, New Life, and God's Will." Recently, I completed the third book is this series: "WHITE as Christmas Snow, a Candle's Glow, and Heaven's Robe." All three books follow the life of fictional German-Russian immigrant, Lisenka Schallert, during the 1920s: first in her family's harrowing escape from Russia, then in their challenges in a new country, and finally as the Great Depression begins. In running a travel business with my husband, my small town attitude entered the jet-set. We've traveled to 78 countries. Now in retirement, writing is again calling to me.