Since the fall of 1997, Sam Katz has been the writer, editor, and executive assistant to the president of the Detectives’ Endowment Association, Inc. (DEA), the labor union of 19,000 active and retired NYPD Detectives. She writes and edits the union magazine, The Gold Shield, the union’s website, legislative memos, political endorsements, advertisements, editorials, and a myriad of other internal and external communications for the largest police Detectives union in the world. Katz has a diverse background in radio, film, public relations, and promotion. In 2011, she resurrected her long-buried performing aspirations and now can be found on the improvisational theatre stage. In September of 2018, Katz published a limited edition, large format, coffee table book called Ask Me How This Happens, a script, a scrapbook, a memoir, dealing with the loss of her broadcasting career to sexual harassment and emotional abuse when she was 26 years old and at WNBC AM Radio 66 of the National Broadcasting Company. The book is sold through 21st century social media and email, and 19th century word of mouth. Prospective buyers and theatre fans (and, God willing, casting agents) can contact Katz through her Facebook page, her Etsy store ManhattanAttic, via LinkedIn, or hunt her down at the DEA.

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