I was a reading specialist and then an alternative high school English teacher for thirty years. My husband was a structural engineer who had a muscle disease with lung involvement and passed away in June 2019. I took care of him over the years and we together took care of our daughter, Jackie, who has cystic fibrosis. And then in June 2016, she had an emergency bilateral lung transplant. Throughout, I wrote about what was taking place around me and within me as her mother, primarily during twelve and fourteen hour days with Jackie in an Intensive Care Unit. A Chance Meeting With Life is our book about her survival and recovery. I began a business, Stacks of Books, Inc., in order to publish myself as we need to maintain the rights to our story.
The Never Forgotten Child is my second book. After fifty years, I found my sixth grade teacher and we collaborated for almost two years to write the story of her childhood through her life and now at age eighty-five. The interplay between her "voice" and mine is uniquely uplifting, truly a wonderful read.

Other Works

  • A Chance Meeting With Life, Inside an Intensive Care Unit, and Out