My Education and Experience:
I have a PhD in Sport and Exercise Psychology from Florida State University and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Texas – El Paso.
I’ve been practicing yoga since 1989 and teaching yoga, meditation, and fitness and wellness since 1996.

My Yoga Credentials:
With Yoga Alliance, I am an Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher, a Continuing Education Provider, and a Certified Youth and Prenatal Yoga Teacher.
With the International Association of Yoga Therapists, I am a Certified Yoga Therapist and an Approved Professional Development Provider.

Multimedia Courses from The Great Courses / Wondrium:
How to Stay Fit as You Age: (18 30-minute lectures)
How to Boost Your Physical and Mental Energy: (12 30-minute lectures)
How to Make Stress Work for You (18 30-minute lectures)

10-day email courses with Highbrow
& 10-lecture audio courses with Listenable:
Build Your Best Day
How to Be Good at Stress
Mindfulness: Self-Care for Daily Life
Life in the Time of Burnout

Books and Streaming Video on Amazon:
Chair Yoga (videos)
Pelvic Yoga (book and videos)

Other Works

  • Pelvic Yoga: An Integrated Program of Pelvic Floor Exercise to Support Overall Pelvic Floor Health