Joanne E. Gates is author of the first published biography of Elizabeth Robins (University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa and London). She also co-edited the diary of Elizabeth Robins recorded when she traveled to Alaska in 1900 (University of Alaska Press, Fairbanks). She teaches Women's Literature, Shakespeare, and survey classes at Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville AL, where she maintains the Elizabeth Robins Web Site.
Undergraduate work was at Vassar College, and she has two graduate degrees from U Mass Amherst, MFA in Theatre, and PhD in English. She has authored plays on Robins, on Fanny Kemble, and on Aphra Behn. She is also a published poet, with contributions to Comstock Review and a chapbook now circulating. Her presentations at Academic Conferences have taken her to Seattle, San Francisco, Tampa, Atlanta, Durham NC, New Orleans, New York City, Austin, and many other cities. Dr. Gates is a member of National Women's Hall of Fame, Modern Language Association, and SAMLA.

Other Works

  • The Alaska-Klondike Diary of Elizabeth Robins 1900


Awards and Recognition

  • In 1991, the year of its acceptance by University of Alabama Press, 'Elizabeth Robins 1862-1952' was awarded The Elizabeth Agee Prize.