Terri Laxton Brooks, journalist, author and academic, writes about the impact of social, cultural and political events on our personal lives.

Brooks' newly published book, ON LONELINESS: HOW TO FEEL LESS ALONE IN AN ISOLATING WORLD, is a no-holds-barred provocative, intimate story about how we can learn how to live comfortably with loneliness, and even use it to our advantage.

"If you read only one book this year, let it be this. It just may change your life."
Gloria Vanderbilt, artist, author and socialite.

"A book I wish I had read in my early years...I might have grown up a little sooner had I been able to share the author's frank insights into the nature of love, sex, and loneliness in their various aspects."
Howard Koch, primary screen writer, the film Casablanca.

Amazon Reader Verified Reviews:
"This is, bar none, my favorite book in the world… If I were on a desert island, this is one book I would hope to have at my side…. It's not a novel, but a treatise on loneliness. Sounds dreary but, trust me, it's extraordinary. It'll warm your heart."

"Reading it was a transcendent experience that gave me what I believe was my first awareness of the strength and beauty of self-connection and the joy of solitude. "

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