I split my time between the SF Bay Area and New York.
I have a new book out called "The Central Park Lost Mitten Party" that combines a wonderful tale for children with detailed Notes offering excellent research about the Park. It was selected by and is being sold in Central Park's Visitor Centers, and was also recently selected by clinical psychologist and neuroscientist Dr. Rick Hanson for his website www.rickhanson.net in the area of family resources and mindful parenting.

In my "business/volunteer life," I have achieved significant impact through good research and writing, which was to add an amendment to Dodd Frank that restored $270 million to 9500 bank depositors, pro bono. There is a video all about it on youtube.

I have always written . . . and love doing the research and the writing. I am fascinated by the "right" phrasing and word, and hope that my experience and willingness to share will be helpful to others. I love good words whether in the non-fiction writing I do or in a children's story.. With all of my experience in the Park and researching the Park, I also designed the story board for the book and the "lost items" that incorporate the architecture elements of the Park. Thankfully, some wonderful artists brought these concepts to life.

Other Works