I primarily write Creative Nonfiction - an umbrella term that includes personal essays, book reviews, film reviews , articles and memoirs. I often write about Personal Health particularly as it relates to Women's Issues. I have written a murder mystery under the pseudonym S.L. Florian (yes like the café in Venice!) and am currently working on a novel and a screenplay. In my list of Publications is one essay of particular interest nowadays and that is an essay I wrote on Writing A Screenplay. Unlike other forms of fiction, a screenplay has its own very particular and peculiar forms and formats. I learned a great deal in writing a screenplay and hope someday to see the one I wrote go from page to screen. For now I am concentrating on a novel. I used to teach English Literature in both public and private schools. And I would tell my students that when it came to writing fiction there were two challenges: Getting the Point of View and Getting the Tone. In working on my current novel, I find the first of these challenges - the Point of View - the greater of the two. The novel is written in the Memoir Observer point of view. To really understand this, read "The Great Gatsby" which in addition to being (I think)the finest novel in Modern American Literature, it is also one in which Fitzgerald wrote in the Memoir Observer point of view and only makes it work, It is this which enables the reader to truly understand Nick and his experience. The book ends with: "And so we beat on, like boats against the current. Borne back ceaselessly into the past." As far as being a writer is concerned those elegant lines pretty much sum up my personal essays and now the novel I am working on.