I an the author, editor, or co-author of a dozen titles. These include The Encyclopedia of the American Left (Oxford U Press0, Detroit: I Do Mind Dying (Haymarket). The Methuselah Factors (Simon & Schuster), My Detroit (Pella), The Broken Hoop (Doubleday), Red Shadows (Doubleday) Solidarity Forever (Lake View Press), The Cineaste Interviews (Lake View Press), and the Cineaste Interviews 2 (Lake View Press). [Lake View Press titles now carried by U of MN Press]. I have spoken about film and mass media on MTV, the History Channel, the Canadian Broadcasting System, Pacifica Radio, the Voice of American, and Greek National Television among other radio and television outlets. I am currently editor of the policy journal of the American Hellenic Institute, consulting editor of Cineaste Film Quarterly, managing editor of the Journal of Modern Hellenism, and consultant to the New York Greek Film Festival. I have taught at New York University, Columbia University, U of Oklahoma, UMass-Amherst, and Queens College. For many years I conducted annual seminars for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). Some of my books have been translated into French, Italian, Spanish, and Greek or have been published in the UK.

Other Works