Tom Schnabel is widely recognized as a Master Test Prep Specialist, Author, and Educational Program Designer. For 35 years, he has successfully led Schnabel Learning, a College Prep Center in Florida that has served several thousand students.

Mr. Schnabel is the author of SAT Success: Strategies for Mastering the SAT and PSAT, a 600-page textbook with strategies, skill builders, and full-length exams. Currently in its 3rd Edition, the book is used by Learning Centers and Schools across the United States, in England, and in Canada. He is currently writing the 4th Edition SAT Success textbook, a SAT Vocabulary Companion book, and a PSAT Success Textbook.

Mr. Schnabel has been a College Board Independent Consultant and Master Trainer, and a member of the Education Industry Association (20 years), serving as a Board of Directors officer and as Program Chair (10 years). Mr. Schnabel received the Education Industry Stellar Service Award for his work as Chairman of EIA's Conferences from 2007-2015. In addition, he worked as a lobbyist for the Affordable Tutoring Act in Washington, DC.

Tom is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he majored in English and was recognized by the School of Journalism (Abernathy Award Committee) for excellence in the field of publications.

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