Marta Elva’s first novel, American Tumbleweeds, was published and released by Circling Rivers in 2016. It was selected a finalist for the Sarton Women’s Book Award that same year.
The American Tumbleweeds 2016 book tour included presentations and book signings at libraries and independent bookstores in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia; Barnes and Noble in Massachusetts, New Mexico and Texas; the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque Bookstore, and guest speaker at the University of Texas in El Paso during National Hispanic Heritage month.
Marta graduated from Emerson College in Boston with a degree in Communication. Her experience in television production and independent film spans over three decades. She retired in 2011 from WNET, the flagship station of PBS, in New York City. As staff writer and producer, Marta received several regional Emmy nominations for Arts Programming, hosted by actresses Cherry Jones, Lynn Redgrave, and musician Wynton Marsalis. Prior to working at WNET, Marta was part of the National Geographic team who developed and produced the first children’s series, Really Wild Animals, hosted by actor Dudley Moore. The highlight of her independent film career was working on Passion Fish, directed by John Sayles.
Marta served on the Council of the Writers Guild of America East in New York City, and remains a member of the union representing screenwriters for the film and television industry. She is also a member of the Authors Guild.
Marta Elva Gibbons resides in Matlacha, Florida. She’s proprietor and manager of Matlacha-Cottages, a successful hospitality business she and her husband, Michael, opened in 2012.

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Awards and Recognition

  • Finalist for the Sarton Women's Book Awards for 2016