Elizabeth Chatsworth is a British author and actor based in New Hampshire. She loves to write of rogues, rebels, and renegades across time and space.

Elizabeth is a Writers Of The Future winner, a Golden Heart® finalist, a Pitch Wars alumna, and a member of the SFWA. She’s the author of THE BRASS QUEEN, an award-winning fantasy set in an alternate Victorian age.

When she’s not writing, Elizabeth works as a voiceover actor. There’s a rumor she possesses the world’s best scone recipe. Contact her at www.elizabethchatsworth.com to see if it’s true!

Other Works

  • The Widow's Might

  • Imagining Monsters

  • When to Now: A Time Travel Anthology

  • Ten Minutes Past Teatime


Awards and Recognition

  • Writers Of The Future Vol. 37 Winner.
  • Critters Annual Readers Poll 2021 for Steampunk novel and Steampunk short story.
  • Golden Heart® Award Finalist in the Mainstream Fiction category.
  • On The Far Side Contest 2018 Winner in the Light Paranormal category.
  • The Catherine 2018 Winner in the Wild Card category.
  • Put Your Heart In A Book Contest 2018 Winner in the Paranormal category.
  • The Molly Contest 2018 Winner in the Paranormal category.