M. B. Zucker lives with his wife and puppy in Virginia.

He began writing when he was in middle school. He wrote his first novel, Lio: King of the Carnivores, when he was fourteen, and his second novel, A Great Soldier in the Last Great War, when he was sixteen. Both became Amazon bestsellers.

His first adult novel is The Eisenhower Chronicles, a biographical novel about Dwight Eisenhower. The novel is told through a series of stories that are both designed to stand alone but, together, bring Ike back to life and present his place in history as the most important individual in defending the world from fascism, communism, and nuclear weapons.

A second edition of A Great Soldier in the Last Great War was released in December 2021.

Other Works

  • The Game of Existence

  • Lio: King of the Carnivores


Awards and Recognition

  • Amazon Bestseller for Sea Adventures #72 in 2013
  • Amazon Bestseller for Historical German Fiction #42 in 2013