Professionally, I am best known for pioneering the "virtual CISO" (Chief Information Security Officer, an emerging corporate executive role) and subsequently popularizing it. My two published books are "Why CISOs Fail" (2017) and "The Security Hippie" (2022).

With that, my hidden passion in writing is fiction, with numerous short stories, a couple of novellas, and more poems than I can count. I have, on two occasions, gotten cold feet after being offered an opportunity to publish these works: (1) as a collection of poems detailing an Internet love story (back in the 90's); and (2) when I met one of my favorite authors, Orson Scott Card, at a book signing. I brought his (probably) least known books - the "how to write" ones - for him to sign, which made him curious. When he heard my accent, he invited me to send him one of my short stories for possible inclusion in an anthology he was working on, of stories in English by non-native English speakers. Awestruck as I was, I barely managed a thank you before walking out. I then consistently failed to follow up, which introspection has led me to admit was simply the result of preferring the invitation to the - in my mind - inevitable rejection.

Now I have finished writing my first mystery-fantasy novel, and am trying to figure out how to find an agent, with many future rejections to look for!

Other Works

  • The Security Hippie


Awards and Recognition

  • "Why CISOs Fail" - inducted into the Cybersecurity Cannon (a.k.a the Cybercannon Project) in 2021.