I write narrative science (The Story of Science from the Smithsonian) and history (A History of US from Oxford) for young adults and their parents and grandparents.
A new series, four books on life science, is to be published in the fall of 2022 by a major publishing duo.
A History of US, published by Oxford University Press, is a ten volume look at American history with an eleventh book that is a collection of American documents. Byron Hollinshead, a former Oxford president, was the agent and creator of the books under contract with OUP. Laura Brown, then OUP president, made it happen. The books, which have broken some sales records at OUP, have won several awards including a McGuffey Award and the James Michener Prize in Writing from NCSS. We are now in discussion regarding an update.
The Story of Science is a three volume look at science history (mostly physics) published by Smithsonian Books. One of the books, "Einstein Adds A New Dimension," was named "best science book of the year" by USA Books. It also won a Ben Franklin Award from the Independent Book Publishers Association and, in 2019, an education award in Shanghai. The Story of Science has been translated into Mandarin.
I'm currently writing four volumes on life science to be published in a beautifully illustrated edition in the fall of 2022.

Other Works