Spin Wars and Spy Games: Global Media and Intelligence Gathering


Reflections: 1980-82


Hope Is a Tattered Flag: Voices of Reason and Change for the Post-Bush Era


Beyond Spin: The Power of Strategic Corporate Journalism

Awards and Recognition

  • National Society of Newspaper Columnists 2018 Award: "When a column teaches you something, you know its creator is worth reading. Kounalakis’s world affairs columns not only offer strong prose and strong opinions, they offer an education. What to do with all the Confederate monuments? Kounalakis suggests doing like former communist countries like Hungary have done. Make a Memento Park—a museum and grounds to display them all. Interesting idea with a history lesson thrown in. His other two entries are just as thought provoking. Why was there no outpouring of world aid after Hurricane Harvey as there was after Katrina? Kounalakis has his theory. And the challenges of devising an election process for Russia’s Putin? Voter apathy is one. For as Kounalakis says “who wants to vote for a guy who’s already won?” Well-done Markos Kounalakis."


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