Kátia Bandeira de Mello-Gerlach, is a Brazilian fiction writer residing in New York City. Her first two books of short stories were published by Projeto Dulcinéia Catadora, an art collective, part of the Latin American cartonera movement. Disquiet International participant in June, 2016 with grant by the Luso American Foundation, FLAD. 2017 Fellow at the New York Foundation for the Arts Program. Kátia contributes to literary journals in Brazil and Portugal, including pnetliteratura.pt e Jornal Rascunho (www.rascunho.com.br ). “Colisões Bestiais Particula(res)” (“Collisions in Particles, a Bestiary”) was published by Editora Oito e Meio in January 2015 and as “Colisiones Bestiales” in Spanish by Diaz Grey Editores @ McNally and Jackson, Soho, New York in March, 2016. A new book, Jogos (Ben)ditos e Folias (Mal)ditas (“Blessed Games, Cursed Follies”) was officially launched by Editora Oito e Meio at the international literary fair of Poços de Caldas, Flipoços in May 2017.
Of note: Her work has received acclaim and been reviewed by various of the most important contemporary writers in Brazil and Portugal (Rubem Mauro Machado, Gonçalo M. Tavares, Raimundo Carrero, Lúcia Bettencourt, Sonia Coutinho, Lídia Santos, André Aguiar, Thiago Mourão, among others.)

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